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Wild & pure sea salt

boat harvested from deep atlantic waters


Our story

After years of working in large cities, we couldn’t resist the call of a small town coastal lifestyle a second longer. We wanted to be part of a community, reconnect with the outdoors and launch a business celebrating the wild, natural beauty and purity of the place we now call home. We moved to the tiny harbor town of Cape Charles, VA, nestled on a sliver of land between the Atlantic Ocean & the Chesapeake Bay and only wish we had done it sooner! We’ve combined Dave’s career as a boat captain with my background as a specialty foods executive to create Barrier Islands Salt Co., Virginia’s first coastal saltworks since the 1700s.


Our salt

We believe that our sea salt is the purest in the U.S. because our water is harvested around the Virginia Barrier Islands. These islands are part of the Virginia Coast Reserve, the longest expanse of coastal wilderness remaining on the east coast. This Nature Conservancy program protects thousands of acres of pristine salt marshes, oyster reef sanctuaries and eelgrass meadows, resulting in the purest water on the east coast, and likely far beyond.


our mission

to bring american cooks a sea salt so pure, from a place so wild, that they’ll fall in love with both.